V2 Pro Series 7 Review

I have been waiting to try the V2 Pro Series 7 for a long time. Well, the wait is over. The Pro Series 7 is now available. Scroll below to read my review of V2 Pro Series 7 or if you want to check out other products from V2, read this V2 Cigs review that gives you a summary of all products offered by V2.


Get V2 Pro Series 7

All right, so first thing’s first is let’s find out what’s actually in the box. Now this came in the mail yesterday for me. I tried it out really quickly and I put it back into the box to get it ready for this review. But it became available I believe on March 30, 2015, so it’s brand-spanking new fresh on the market. On the box, there’s an outer sleeve that you have to take off of the actual box itself. The first thing you’re going to see is the user manual, all in English. It’s laminated, so it’s waterproof and weatherproof and it has all of the details regarding the cartridges, voltage settings, and various other things.

Then you have your Pro Series 7. Let me show you that. It’s a little thicker than the Pro Series 3. It has a cartridge already included with the battery. To take the cartridge off, you put your finger right here where there’s this emblem signifying a drop, so it’s an e-liquid cartridge. Put your thumb on it, push down, pull up, and the cartridge comes out. Put that to the side. Then you take off the first level and then you have the rest of your kit.

The first thing you’re going to see is the other cartridge. So this shows a little leaf there on the cartridge, so this is the loose leaf cartridge here. You do not have your wax cartridge; it doesn’t come with the kit. All you have is your e-liquid and the loose leaf cartridge. If you want to do any kind of wax vaping, you’re going to have to get that separate. You have your pick and brush. You have your wall adapter with the USB connection, and then you have your USB connector itself, which you can plug into your wall adapter so you can charge it through the wall. Just like the Pro Series 3, there is a magnetic connection to your Pro Series 7 to charge up your battery. This adapter will not work with your Pro Series 3 as well. It’s a totally different setting, so I just learned that.


Now, the good thing about this charger is that you could also use this as a pass-through. If your battery is getting weak and you want to continue vaping, just plug that in, plug this into a wall (or into your laptop), and vape away as your batteries charge. When I first got the kit, the battery actually needed some charging. I plugged it into the wall and it took about 45 minutes for it to charge completely. How do you know when it’s charged completely? When you first plug it in and it needs a charge, this will be red. Once it’s completely charged, it will turn green and it’s right there on the bottom of the battery. There’s a little light that goes all the way around the battery – it’s pretty neat.

I have here the two kits side-by-side: the Pro Series 3 with the e-liquid cartridge and the loose leaf cartridge, and the new Pro Series 7 with the e-liquid cartridge and the loose leaf cartridge. Obviously, there’s a good size difference here with the cartridges and the battery. Let’s take a look at the batteries themselves. Now this is strictly a push-button feature but it also has three temperature settings and the Pro Series 7 also has three voltage settings, so you can adjust your voltage for your e-liquid and you can adjust your heat for your loose leaf vaping.

Take a look at the e-liquid cartridges themselves. I believe the V2 Pro Series 3 had a 1.6 mL tank, so it’s fairly small. It’s probably not something that you could vape all day if you’re a medium to heavy vaper. The Pro Series 7 has a 2.4 mL tank, so it’s much bigger. I’ll just show you and let you take a look inside. To look inside the actual chamber itself, you’ve got to cock the mouthpiece a little bit to the side and then pull it out, and then you unscrew right up here. There you have your chamber inside; this is where you put your e-liquid in around the rim here on the outer ring. I don’t know if you could see but there’s two wicks inside there and they’re much smaller than the wicks that you have for your Pro Series 3. So a bigger tank and smaller wicks.


Here is the loose leaf chamber. This is the actual chamber for your loose leaf vaping. It’s kind of small; I don’t know exactly how much capacity is, but it’s a really small chamber. For your Pro Series 7, the chamber is much bigger. Look at this size difference between the two. You’re definitely going to get a whole lot more vaping out of that Series 7 than the Series 3. I don’t know the tank capacity of this either but it looks like it’s at least double.

So the first thing I would like to do is let’s try out the e-liquid itself. And let’s see, what are we going to use here? Let’s use some Halo e-liquid. You want to make sure you don’t get any e-liquid in that inner tube, so keep it on the side. I think I could put a little more in there. You kind of want to cock your tank a little to the side as you’re doing this. The great thing about this cartridge is you’ve got a little eye glass here that you can see inside and you can see how much e-liquid you have in there. Can you see that? It’s about half full. Put the mouthpiece back on and tap that in there.

Okay, the e-liquid cartridge is in and we’re ready to vape the Pro Series 7. To turn it on, you press the firing button three times: one, two, three. It’s now turned on but that’s not the only thing you have to do. Now you are going to select your voltage setting. In order to do that, you’re going to have to press the button twice in a rapid succession. It’s got to be quicker than a half a second, so one, two. Now you’re going to start seeing these three lights here cycle through. The bottom light is the lowest voltage setting at 3.7; the middle light is 4.2 volts, and the top light – the biggest one – is 4.7 volts. When the voltage setting is lit to what you want it to be, you press the firing button one time. I want the highest one at 4.7 and I pressed it. The Pro Series 7 is now ready to vape.

So let’s see how the Pro Series 7 actually does in vaping. It’s not bad. It puts out a decent amount of vapor. It brings out the flavor of the e-liquid, so I can’t complain with that. It does a nice job. Now this tank is a little bit bigger than the Pro Series 3. Remember, in the Pro Series 3, it’s 1.6 mL; this is 2.4 mL, so you get a whole lot more e-liquid capacity in the tank itself. It should last you most of the day, if not all day, for just about 90% I would say of all people who vape. You get about 1,200 total pulls or hits off each filled tank, so that’s quite a bit. And in each cartridge, you could do up to 20 refills before you actually start noticing a reduction of vapor because the atomizers just outlive their life and it’s time to get a new one. To get a cartridge you’re going to have to go to the V2 website in order to purchase one. So it works pretty good. Let’s try it again.

Good vapor. Now this is a 3-in-1, just like the Pro Series 3. We know it does e-liquid; let’s see if it does loose leaf herbs as well. So here is the loose leaf cartridge. Let’s go ahead and take the top off, turn it to the side, pull it out, and there you’ll see the oven – the little chamber in there. I do have some crushed herbs that I’m going to put in. Now this is a chamomile mint mix, which tastes really nice when it’s vaping. It’s nice and relaxing; I’m sure you guys could think of some other herbs that will relax you just as well, but I’m going to have to stick with the chamomile and mint – and that should be enough right there.

Okay, now they stress that the herbs that you have inside of here needs to be loose yet not going over the white rim – that’s the inner oven right there. You don’t want it to go over that white rim inside there, so kind of keep it inside of the white canister. It feels kind of loose, so we’re good there. Put the top back on, go at an angle, and there we go. Set it in and you turn it on the same way that you did with your e-liquid. Press it three times, but that’s not your last step. Now you’ve got to select the temperature. To do that, you press the button twice in less than half a second – one, two. Okay, now it’s going to cycle through your temperatures, just like it did before. The first level on the first light is 200 degrees Celsius, the second light is 210 degrees Celsius, and the third light is 225 degrees Celsius. I’ll put that on the video as well so you see the difference, even with the Farenheiht.

We’re going to keep it at 225 degrees Celsius, so I’m going to wait until that light goes all the way up and then I’m going to press the start button to activate that power. Once your power is set, you press and hold the start button for about three seconds. That initiates the heating chamber. Take a look at the bottom of the battery. See how it has it at red? It’ll turn orange or yellowish and then green once that temperature is at the optimal level for that heating temperature. We want it at 225 degrees Celsius, so it’s heating up right now. It’ll turn orange here in a second and then it will turn green. It’s fairly quick; I think it’s a little faster than the Pro Series 3, so let’s just give it a second here for it to heat up. There, it just turned yellow and next step will be green and that will be your visual indication that it’s ready to vape.


We’re at green, the temperature is now at 225 degrees Celsius, it is vaporizing the chamomile and mint that’s inside of the chamber here. There’s a difference between combustion and vaporizing, so there’s no fire, no flame, nothing being burned; it’s just putting it at the temperature so the aromas and flavors of the chamomile is going to come out. Let’s go ahead and vape these herbs and see what that’s like. I think you only get about a two-minute window for you to vape before you have to reinitiate the battery again, so let’s go ahead and get started.

You’re not going to get the same kind of vapor as you do with e-liquid – it’s very little, because a lot of it is just heating it to the point of prior to combustion just to get those vapors out. Let me tell you, I could taste that chamomile right now. Very nice, very nice. To turn it off, press and hold the firing button and then press it three times.

All right folks, just to recap on the loose leaf herb portion of it. Make sure you clean out your cartridge after every use. Those things tend to not last too long if you keep it dirty, so use that brush and pick to get all the remaining herbs out of there after you’re done vaporizing. Also, I will admit to you I am not an expert when it comes to loose leaf herb vaporizing. I do not know what the ideal temperature is to vaporize a chamomile and mint combination. I may have had it too high; if I put it down to the second light, maybe that would have been a better vaporization process, so to speak. What I’m trying to say is each herb has their own vaporizing temperature, so whatever you decide to use for your loose leaf herbs, make sure you know what the ideal temperature is. There are various websites out there that will tell you.

So what do I think about the Pro Series 7? Do I think it’s better than the Pro Series 3? Definitely. Why? Because it provides a whole lot more features that the Pro Series 3 did not have. When it comes to e-liquids, I now have three voltage settings. The vapor production is pretty good and the flavor is great, so I am definitely getting that from the Pro Series 7. The loose leaf cartridge has three temperature settings, so that’s another thing that’s fantastic that you’re not going to find with the Pro Series 3.

Now, is it the best e-liquid vaporizer I’ve ever had? No, it’s not. Is it the best loose leaf cartridge on the market? I don’t think so. But what makes the Pro Series 7 so good is that it does both pretty well. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one, which this is what it is, something that does e-liquids, something that does loose leaf herbs – or something that even does waxes, the Pro Series 7 is definitely something that you’ll want to consider buying.

I do have a link on the bottom of this page. It does take you to the V2 website if you want to learn some more about the Pro Series 7. I also have another link that goes to my website that offers a 10% coupon with V2 Cigs, so you can use that on anything that you want to buy over there. So if you do want to get the Pro Series 7, which I think is running about $150 right now, you could take $15.00 off just by using that coupon. Click it, it tells you the code, input that during checkout, and you’ve got $15.00 off. You can’t really beat that; it’s a pretty good deal. You can use that $15.00 for some e-liquid or maybe some loose leaf herbs that you want to get on the market.


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V2 Cigs EX Series Review

v2-cigs-ex-battery review

Get V2 Cigs EX

Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the V2 Ex e-cig. I wasn’t too thrilled and I will tell you guys why.

The V2 EX Series has a pretty neat design; it looks pretty cool. It looks kind of sleek and it does last a little longer, it does produce good vapor, so it does have a lot of good qualities. But there’s one reason that I don’t like it and I will explain that to you that in just a second.

When you first open the kit, you’ll immediately notice the carbon fiber design. There are a couple more models: you can get a metallic red and I believe for the ladies I believe there is like a flower design. There are a couple of other colors available if you’re thinking about checking one out, you may like it. It does have a lot of great reviews, so a lot of people do like it.

Another thing is they only come in automatic. You can’t get a manual version yet. Hopefully, they will begin to make them but they are kind of cool.

You can also get the V2 Mini-tanks. They come in a pack of three. These are the V2 Ex mini-tanks and they work well at this – kind of, and I’ll let you know why. I do have V2 e-liquid in my mini-tank already. It is a decent e-cig but if you can tell, there are two little holes. But if you want to get a good hit out of it, you’ve got to cover these holes.


It’s a really nice cloud of vapor, but I was covering the holes. Now if you try to hit this thing without covering the holes, you notice the light won’t stay ON the whole time, so I didn’t get that great of a hit. You can cover up only one of the holes and it tends to work a lot better. I got a really good hit that time. But I don’t feel like you should have to cover up a ventilation hole to be able to hit your e-cig. That’s only my opinion.

Another thing: the V2 Ex battery does come with a sleeve, and the sleeve does not fit over the mini-tank at all. But it does fit over your regular cartomizers. I’ve got the V2 blank cartridges that I also fill with the e-liquid. Now with just the cartridge, you kind of just have to cover the holes with the mini-tank and you get a good hit. Then if you don’t cover the holes, you really have to hit it hard and pull really hard to get a good hit.

v2-cigs-ex-seriesBut then you’ve got the sleeve that you can slide over your cartomizer and that kind of makes your e-cig look a little cooler; a little bit more discreet since it doesn’t light up on the whole end. It’s just a little dot here. Also with these little dots, if it’s fully charged, they’re all going to light up. If it’s only halfway charged, you’re only going to get two or three of them to lite up, so it will let you know that your e-cig is running dead before it does. You don’t have to worry about it just dying on you and being without an e-cig for a while.

But with the sleeve, it does hit really well. Overall, I kind of liked the battery. The only thing I really have to complain about is the ventilation holes. I don’t think you should have to cover those up. You don’t have to cover them up with the sleeve, but I like using the mini-tanks. So it really sucks that to use the tank I am going to have to cover the holes. Also with this, you’re going to get three extra little rubber grommets, so make sure you hold onto those; you may need them.

So that’s it; that’s my V2 Ex battery review. Make sure to check one out. Also, check out my full V2Cigs review for a more comprehensive review of all V2 Cigs products.

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V2 Cigs Standard Kit Review

v2 cigs standard kit review

Get V2 Cigs Standard Kit

V2 Cigs have been on the market for several years, and is quite possibly one of the most well known e cigs, used as a cessation device. Not only is it used to help individuals quit smoking tobacco, it has also been used to help cut back on tobacco use, and as an alternate to smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

Regardless of the desired use, this V2 Cigs review will give you a little information about the product, how it works, use, and why customers enjoy the product line so much.

For a comprehensive overview of all V2 products, including the new V2 Pro Series vaporizers, check out this V2 Cigs review.

Starter Kit Design

With V2, you either have the battery operated version, or the disposable version. The battery operated device is a two-piece design. It has the battery pack, and the cartomizer (e liquid and vapor heat), which you simply screw on to the battery for use.

The newer option, for those who would like to try the e cig, or do not want to carry their charger with them everywhere, is the disposable option. It is basically a one use product; you can use it until the e liquid cartridge runs dry, which is generally 150 to 200 puffs, and then you dispose of it.

V2 Starter Kits

The company also has an extensive selection of starter kits to choose from. The most basic kit includes just 2 battery cartridges, 10 cartomizers, and the chargers. There are also couples kits, if you would like to use the product with a significant other. It comes with 20 cartridges, along with 4 batteries, chargers, USB, and carrying cases.

There is also the deluxe kit, which provides users with double the supply, for a low price. For those who want to try different flavors, you can order one option, or different cartomizers with the order. You can also order a pack of disposable e cigs (which comes with 5), so you can try the product, see how it works, and decide if you want to make the switch.

V2 E-Liquids & Accessories

When you choose V2, there are several great flavors to choose from. In addition to the tobacco (sahara and red), you will also enjoy the menthol, mint, and peppermint flavors. For those who enjoy sweeter options, cola, cherry, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla are also available. For individuals who like to mix and match, you can purchase blank cartridges, and fill with your choice e liquids. And, the option to order a large, custom variety pack, is also an option. You can even name the pack, which would be great for a gift, or it is a great way to stock up on flavor blends, and save on the cost.

V2 has several great accessories. The carrying cases, chargers, USB devices, and portable charging case are all great. The portable case is great for a short charge, and when you do not have access to an outlet, or are on the go, but would like to smoke your e cigs.

V2 lanyards are also great; in addition to coming in several colors, you will also find they are an easy way to transport your e cig around your neck, so you will never lose it, and so you can always carry it around with you, no matter where you are going to.Universal adapters are also great if you want to charge the device on a foreign computer, or if you are away from the home.
V2 is constantly providing great sales online through the site. With the option to purchase in bulk, consumers can greatly save on the overall price they will pay for the e liquids. You can also find discounts on the new starter kits often.

Individuals who want to sell V2, can also become members of the affiliate program; in addition to earning through your own site, you will also receive discounts through the site, for future purchases that you are going to make. And, the referral program is great if you know friends who smoke, and would like to try e cigs; for each referral, you will receive future discounts on the orders.


Every e cig you purchase through V2 has a lifetime warranty. If you are not happy with the product, you can also return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. In terms of the warranty, it is only going to cover the electric ignition component of the e cig; so, accessories and cartridges are not covered.

What I Like:

Many benefits come when using V2, which include:

  • Various product options, great flavor selection, and an easy to use device.
  • Extensive list of accessories to choose from when you order.
  • Great deals, along with savings, and referral deals for customers.
  • A trusted product, and one that has been sold in the US, and worldwide for many years, so you can rely on the quality you will receive.

What I Dislike:

Although there are claims that e cigs are healthier, there are certain drawbacks:

  • You are still consuming nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarette smoke.
  • Accessories are a bit pricey, and ordering replacement parts or new batteries can cost you quite a bit.
  • If you are ordering internationally, the price to order is going to cost more, and certain accessories and products are not available to international customers ordering through the V2 site.

If you are in search of a trusted brand name, a product that is well built, and a product that is going to last for several years of use, then V2 has an extensive product line for you to choose from. They have quite a few products, accessories, and great deals and savings that are available to shoppers online. There is also an extensive flavor selection to choose from as well.

For those who want to buy a trusted brand, and one with few customer complaints, V2 is a top choice. It is a bit pricier than other lines, but it is because of top quality materials, the latest technologies, and the fact that it has been a trusted leader for years, in the e cig online market.

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V2 Pro Series 3 Review! All New 3 in 1 Vaporizer

v2-pro-series-3 review

Get V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

We are going to be taking a look at the brand new V2 Pro Series 3 (3-in-1 vaporizer), and they couldn’t have picked a better reviewer to send this to, because I’m a 3-in-1 vaper-er. I vape it all!

I haven’t reviewed a product from V2 in a while. They were one of my preferred e-cigarettes a couple of years ago, but it seemed like they kind of fell behind the times for a while, but they are coming back strong with actually the first 3-in-1 vaporizer that I’ve seen.

For a quick review of all V2 Cigs products, including the V2 Pro 7 and beginner kits, read my in-depth V2 Cigs review.

All right, so this is the basic kit here. It works with three different cartridges for your e-liquids, your dry herbs, or your herbal concentrates. V2 is one of the first companies with the balls to step into the whole herbal vaporizer realm and sort of tied in with their products. For such a big mainstream company, I’m kind of surprised but it just goes to show you the direction I think everyone is going. There will be some other states following Washington and Colorado soon, so V2 at least seems to think so.

This is their basic unit. There are a few little neat touches I want to show you about it. So, instead of screwing the tank on, you can see right here it shows you whether it is an e-liquid tank or a dry herb or concentrate. You just push that and pull up, and the tank slides out of the middle there. It’s actually magnetically connected if you listen. It snaps right into place.

I like the idea of having an all-in-one vaporizer. I just hope V2 isn’t trying too hard to do everything where you have to kind of go with the lowest common denominator – you know, you end up being a Jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. There are several interesting things about this new V2 Pro Series 3. They are actually going to be coming out with a Series 7 and Series 9, they say later this fall, and again in the winter.

All right, like I said, I’ve got this thing prefilled with some e-juice in it. Now they didn’t send me the dry herb or the concentrate cartridges. After looking on the website, I see that the cartridge for the concentrates isn’t going to be out until later this year, too. But they do have the one for the dry herbs, so I’m going to go ahead and buy that and I will do a review for that over on the Epic Herb Reviews. If you’re into that sort of thing, check it out over there. This is the first time I’m going to be able to review the same product for both channels – interesting how everything is merging together now.

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 Review: Unboxing Video

The charger similarly is also magnetically connected. There are no screws or anything to tie in; it just snaps right into place. Very strong magnets – watch this – it pulls itself right in. Then you just plug it off of your wall charger or off your computer – anything with a USB – and the bonus: you can use it as a pass-through also. If you’ve got a car charger, you know, and you’re driving around, you can put it right in there. Anyways, that’s some of the unique features about it with the magnetic connectors, instead of having to have any kind of threading at all. But of course, that does mean you’re not using any other tanks on this besides the ones that come with it. It’s got to be kind of an all-in-one proprietary type thing.

Well I told you there were a couple of interesting features. One of them is the fact that it has a built-in microprocessor. They say it’s a smart battery. Each of the cartridges has its own recognizable single basically and it’s upgradable to where they can build newer cartridges into the future that will also be recognized by the processor and the cartridge tells the battery exactly what it needs to do. Pretty interesting in theory, anyway. It’s going to vaporize different when it has the dry herb cartridge or the concentrates cartridge. Each cartridge is going to tell the battery how to perform and what to do.

And if you actually watch the video when I do the dry herb attachment, you’re going to see it actually vapes very different on that than it does on this. It’s not a push-button type thing; you actually have to let it warm up and it does a whole oven basically that heats up for those. I’m interested to see how well it works for that, but for this video, we’re just going to go ahead and just try it out with the e-juice in it and it just has one setting, like I said for each cartridge or tank that you’re going to put on there. It’s going to tell the battery what to do and it’s supposedly going to give you the perfect vape, there’s nothing to adjust, no variable voltage or anything like that.

Now it does have the press three time battery. That’s going to turn it off now, it won’t turn on in your pocket or anything. Press it three times, turn it back on. It really couldn’t be much simpler. This is a 1.8 mL tank; it actually holds more juice than what you think when you take a look at it. But I couldn’t find the mahs on the battery, I’m not exactly sure how long this is going to end. I’m going to have to vape it through one time and then let you guys know on an update.

This is a top coil; you can see the wicks hanging down from the top there. I might be a little bit surprised they didn’t go with a bottom coil design, since that does seem to be the newest and kind of the most advanced tanks are all using that. But let’s go ahead and give this V2 Pro a shot and see how well it vapes, man. I’m kind of excited try it out. It’s the first V2 product I’ve tried out in a while.

Not bad vapor production or flavor off of this. The first thing I noticed on this is that it’s a very tight draw. There is no adjustable airflow or anything. Maybe that will be something that will come out with one of the future tanks that snaps in that will have an adjustable airflow on it. But this is a tight draw, for people who are taking long hits, this probably isn’t going to be the tank for you. Although I think they are again geared more towards people trying to get off cigarettes or trying to make an easy, simple tank for beginners in an all-in-one type of unit. For people just getting off cigarettes, I think the drag is going to be all right.

Probably one of the bigger hits I could get off of this right there, you get an idea of how much vapor but still plenty for someone just trying to come off cigarettes I think.

Not too bad, I gotta say. I’m not overly thrilled with the mouthpiece and the draw is a little bit tight, but it vapes pretty damn well. It is a very convenient little, you know, nice packaged unit. I’m going to be very interested to see how the dry herb tank works on it and then the concentrate one which will be released later on. But I guess for people in Washington and Colorado who are just getting off cigarettes and trying to switch over to vaping for all of their needs, this could be a pretty nice little nifty all-in-one type thing. All you have to do is switch tanks out and you’re smoking your cigarette one second, you switch it out, and you’re smoking your herbs another second.

Not too bad for what it is. It’s about $60 per unit. They’ve got a couple more advanced units coming out that are going to be a little bit more expensive. But I think the idea they’re going for is a good one. I don’t know if this is the perfected model yet, but not too bad. Definitely a beginner tank. I don’t see anybody switching over, you know, from a 134 or VTR mod – something like that – to one of these. But for somebody just looking to step off or just looking to get off cigarettes, this might be a not too bad introductory type of a product.

Pass-through capability is a nice addition to it and all-magnetic attachments. It’s easy for a stoner to deal with, I could tell you that. Don’t forget to use the link if you want to go check out the V2 Pro Series 3 for yourself (you’ll get the biggest discount they offer with the links). Check back if you want to check out more e-cig reviews in the future.

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