V2 Cigs EX Series Review

v2-cigs-ex-battery review

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Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the V2 Ex e-cig. I wasn’t too thrilled and I will tell you guys why.

The V2 EX Series has a pretty neat design; it looks pretty cool. It looks kind of sleek and it does last a little longer, it does produce good vapor, so it does have a lot of good qualities. But there’s one reason that I don’t like it and I will explain that to you that in just a second.

When you first open the kit, you’ll immediately notice the carbon fiber design. There are a couple more models: you can get a metallic red and I believe for the ladies I believe there is like a flower design. There are a couple of other colors available if you’re thinking about checking one out, you may like it. It does have a lot of great reviews, so a lot of people do like it.

Another thing is they only come in automatic. You can’t get a manual version yet. Hopefully, they will begin to make them but they are kind of cool.

You can also get the V2 Mini-tanks. They come in a pack of three. These are the V2 Ex mini-tanks and they work well at this – kind of, and I’ll let you know why. I do have V2 e-liquid in my mini-tank already. It is a decent e-cig but if you can tell, there are two little holes. But if you want to get a good hit out of it, you’ve got to cover these holes.


It’s a really nice cloud of vapor, but I was covering the holes. Now if you try to hit this thing without covering the holes, you notice the light won’t stay ON the whole time, so I didn’t get that great of a hit. You can cover up only one of the holes and it tends to work a lot better. I got a really good hit that time. But I don’t feel like you should have to cover up a ventilation hole to be able to hit your e-cig. That’s only my opinion.

Another thing: the V2 Ex battery does come with a sleeve, and the sleeve does not fit over the mini-tank at all. But it does fit over your regular cartomizers. I’ve got the V2 blank cartridges that I also fill with the e-liquid. Now with just the cartridge, you kind of just have to cover the holes with the mini-tank and you get a good hit. Then if you don’t cover the holes, you really have to hit it hard and pull really hard to get a good hit.

v2-cigs-ex-seriesBut then you’ve got the sleeve that you can slide over your cartomizer and that kind of makes your e-cig look a little cooler; a little bit more discreet since it doesn’t light up on the whole end. It’s just a little dot here. Also with these little dots, if it’s fully charged, they’re all going to light up. If it’s only halfway charged, you’re only going to get two or three of them to lite up, so it will let you know that your e-cig is running dead before it does. You don’t have to worry about it just dying on you and being without an e-cig for a while.

But with the sleeve, it does hit really well. Overall, I kind of liked the battery. The only thing I really have to complain about is the ventilation holes. I don’t think you should have to cover those up. You don’t have to cover them up with the sleeve, but I like using the mini-tanks. So it really sucks that to use the tank I am going to have to cover the holes. Also with this, you’re going to get three extra little rubber grommets, so make sure you hold onto those; you may need them.

So that’s it; that’s my V2 Ex battery review. Make sure to check one out. Also, check out my full V2Cigs review for a more comprehensive review of all V2 Cigs products.

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