V2 Cigs Standard Kit Review

v2 cigs standard kit review

Get V2 Cigs Standard Kit

V2 Cigs have been on the market for several years, and is quite possibly one of the most well known e cigs, used as a cessation device. Not only is it used to help individuals quit smoking tobacco, it has also been used to help cut back on tobacco use, and as an alternate to smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.

Regardless of the desired use, this V2 Cigs review will give you a little information about the product, how it works, use, and why customers enjoy the product line so much.

For a comprehensive overview of all V2 products, including the new V2 Pro Series vaporizers, check out this V2 Cigs review.

Starter Kit Design

With V2, you either have the battery operated version, or the disposable version. The battery operated device is a two-piece design. It has the battery pack, and the cartomizer (e liquid and vapor heat), which you simply screw on to the battery for use.

The newer option, for those who would like to try the e cig, or do not want to carry their charger with them everywhere, is the disposable option. It is basically a one use product; you can use it until the e liquid cartridge runs dry, which is generally 150 to 200 puffs, and then you dispose of it.

V2 Starter Kits

The company also has an extensive selection of starter kits to choose from. The most basic kit includes just 2 battery cartridges, 10 cartomizers, and the chargers. There are also couples kits, if you would like to use the product with a significant other. It comes with 20 cartridges, along with 4 batteries, chargers, USB, and carrying cases.

There is also the deluxe kit, which provides users with double the supply, for a low price. For those who want to try different flavors, you can order one option, or different cartomizers with the order. You can also order a pack of disposable e cigs (which comes with 5), so you can try the product, see how it works, and decide if you want to make the switch.

V2 E-Liquids & Accessories

When you choose V2, there are several great flavors to choose from. In addition to the tobacco (sahara and red), you will also enjoy the menthol, mint, and peppermint flavors. For those who enjoy sweeter options, cola, cherry, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla are also available. For individuals who like to mix and match, you can purchase blank cartridges, and fill with your choice e liquids. And, the option to order a large, custom variety pack, is also an option. You can even name the pack, which would be great for a gift, or it is a great way to stock up on flavor blends, and save on the cost.

V2 has several great accessories. The carrying cases, chargers, USB devices, and portable charging case are all great. The portable case is great for a short charge, and when you do not have access to an outlet, or are on the go, but would like to smoke your e cigs.

V2 lanyards are also great; in addition to coming in several colors, you will also find they are an easy way to transport your e cig around your neck, so you will never lose it, and so you can always carry it around with you, no matter where you are going to.Universal adapters are also great if you want to charge the device on a foreign computer, or if you are away from the home.
V2 is constantly providing great sales online through the site. With the option to purchase in bulk, consumers can greatly save on the overall price they will pay for the e liquids. You can also find discounts on the new starter kits often.

Individuals who want to sell V2, can also become members of the affiliate program; in addition to earning through your own site, you will also receive discounts through the site, for future purchases that you are going to make. And, the referral program is great if you know friends who smoke, and would like to try e cigs; for each referral, you will receive future discounts on the orders.


Every e cig you purchase through V2 has a lifetime warranty. If you are not happy with the product, you can also return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. In terms of the warranty, it is only going to cover the electric ignition component of the e cig; so, accessories and cartridges are not covered.

What I Like:

Many benefits come when using V2, which include:

  • Various product options, great flavor selection, and an easy to use device.
  • Extensive list of accessories to choose from when you order.
  • Great deals, along with savings, and referral deals for customers.
  • A trusted product, and one that has been sold in the US, and worldwide for many years, so you can rely on the quality you will receive.

What I Dislike:

Although there are claims that e cigs are healthier, there are certain drawbacks:

  • You are still consuming nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarette smoke.
  • Accessories are a bit pricey, and ordering replacement parts or new batteries can cost you quite a bit.
  • If you are ordering internationally, the price to order is going to cost more, and certain accessories and products are not available to international customers ordering through the V2 site.

If you are in search of a trusted brand name, a product that is well built, and a product that is going to last for several years of use, then V2 has an extensive product line for you to choose from. They have quite a few products, accessories, and great deals and savings that are available to shoppers online. There is also an extensive flavor selection to choose from as well.

For those who want to buy a trusted brand, and one with few customer complaints, V2 is a top choice. It is a bit pricier than other lines, but it is because of top quality materials, the latest technologies, and the fact that it has been a trusted leader for years, in the e cig online market.

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